Our mission defines us. Our values guide us. spiritual DNA.


A. We exalt Jesus Christ as the heartbeat of revival.


B. We believe in the full five-fold ministry listed in Ephesians 4:11: apostles, prophets, evangelists, pastors and teachers. We believe Christians need to be equipped with all five graces. 


C. We believe apostolic and prophetic ministry are especially vital in this hour to edify, build and govern the church.


D. We believe in equipping every believer for the work of the ministry and empowering them to do what God has called them to do.


E. We believe revival should be built on the foundation of the Word of God, taking into consideration the full counsel of God and being led by the Spirit of God.


F. We believe in proclaiming the Word of God, not with excellency of speech but with demonstration of power and marked by signs, wonders, miracles and other scriptural manifestations of the Spirit of God.


G. We value and honor the work and mission of the local church and seek to partner with pastors hungry to see revival.


H. We believe revival should not be confined to a local church, but should spread like wildfire across the city and region to bring true transformation.


I. We believe revival is not merely an event or series of events--it's a lifestyle one intentionally cultivates.


J. We believe revival seeks to both awaken believers to their destiny and invites the lost to experience a personal relationship with Jesus.


K. We believe team leadership that values accountability and humility, and honors the gifts and callings in the people around them, is the best approach to stewarding revival.


L. We believe spiritual hunger and desperation is the key to revival.


M. We are committed to fostering a revival that manifests the fullness of Christ and all He obtained for His bride through the cross, resurrection and ascension.